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The technology is yours! Product strategies for life science imaging

Bringing your digital imaging system to market requires an agile approach and a top-notch strategy. Life science imaging was revolutionized by digitalization and the global market is more competitive than ever. As a life science company, you are an expert in molecular testing, biochemistry and cell biology. With SYIONS as your partner, you can build the optical engine of the future. The technology is yours!

, Marlen Stockmann

Your competitive advantage to make your digital imaging vision come true

How to organize the vast amount of data?

How to organize the vast amount of data?

As a product manager, core decisions in strategy and design lie with you. With Jenoptik as your partner and the JENOPTIK SYIONS® platform as a basis, you can be trusted to receive constant support every step of the way in integrated digital microscopy. Our engineers offer support and advice from the early stages of development, identifying design requirements and mapping out optimal steps to build your optical engine.

Creating a digital imaging system is a multi-disciplinary endeavor, requiring a carefully crafted strategy that values and includes the input and competence of all stakeholders involved. Our experienced teams will guide you through the process of defining design requirements, keeping in mind industry standards, supply chain, regulatory affairs, and compatibility with other platforms, devices, systems, and software.

The digitalization of microscopy is changing the landscape of high content screening, live cell imaging, and personalized medicine. It is no longer just an image - the vast amounts of data that are a result of a study must be efficiently analyzed, stored and shared with co-workers. Advanced molecular diagnostics are made simple by combining life sciences with engineering and information technology to transmit and organize the data locally or into the cloud.

With Jenoptik as your partner, you get access to world-leading experts in electrical engineering, optics, and software design. The proven approach of the JENOPTIK SYIONS® platform to unify systems offers optimized Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) and software components that can be uniquely suited to your optical imaging application. A PCBA designed and built on JENOPTIK SYIONS® will seamlessly integrate with optics, software, and other PCBAs. You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues or discontinued components, as you are covered for the life of the JENOPTIK SYIONS® platform.

If you base your biomedical optical system on JENOPTIK SYIONS®, Jenoptik can help you develop your system quickly and keep you ahead of the competition.

Achieving regulatory approval - Fast, accurate, and efficient

Prototyping is essential when building a digital imaging device and it often takes up to six months, costing you money, time, and resources. JENOPTIK SYIONS® offers an over-specified, engineered Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that will be tailored based on your stated requirements. This agile approach can helps you reduce system feasibility time from 6 months to 6 weeks.

JENOPTIK SYIONS® provides full documentation and qualifications of core components for the entire process, including all component systems in the workflow.

Our proven and established processes put your miniaturized digital imaging solution within reach. Considering the future adoption of your application in a medical context, building a digital imaging application means being prepared to build a medical device. The Jenoptik team can guide you through medical device regulation and offers a process proven to meet regulatory approval. In addition to our stable technology platform, JENOPTIK SYIONS® provides complete support to generate documentation. Planning and design from purpose, outcome, and process to medical device approval and design qualification by testing, the Jenoptik team has got you covered!

SYIONS is your lifetime partner for your optical imaging application

You are a leader in your domain, and you are an expert in live cell imaging or advanced diagnostics. Your teams consist of principal scientists who have the experience and knowledge it takes to create next level digital imaging solutions. Working with the JENOPTIK team ultimately reduces risk in your development process and provides unrivaled competitive advantage. With JENOPTIK as your system lifetime partner, you have world-leading engineers and scientists at your disposal, at a single point of contact.

Take advantage of the “Jena Factor”- Germany’s optical valley: a long-standing and well-established network of engineers, scientists, universities, and suppliers, giving you access to the best strategic partners in one place.

Get in touch and make Jenoptik your one-stop-shop – the JENOPTIK SYIONS® technology is yours!

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Marlen Stockmann

About Marlen Stockmann

As Project Manager, Marlen Stockmann is responsible for the planning and managing of various technology-driven Jenoptik projects in the Light & Optics division – from concept to market launch. Her main focus is on the management and realization of novel key technologies in the Healthcare & Life Science sector with a focus on intelligent imaging solutions relevant for example for life sciences research, as well as clinical diagnosis and drug discovery. Thanks to her degree in general management, she knows the functional management areas allowing to efficiently achieving the project objectives.

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