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Latest articles

Are there any signs of life on Mars?
  • Mobility

Are there signs of life on Mars?

The ExoMars mission to explore signs of life on Mars. Also on board are Jenoptik laser solutions!

Baby feet from below
  • Health & Science
  • Digitization

IR carbon dioxide analysis

Find out whether your desire to have a child can come true via a quick and easy IR breathing gas analysis in a digital ovulation tracker.

Artificial Intelligence meets Photonics
  • Digitization
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Mobility
  • Health & Science

Photonics meets artificial intelligence

Photonic technologies have an important input for many applications of artificial intelligence. Why? Learn more about it!

Gold signet ring: Microscope images reveal mysteries of archaeology
  • Tech Talk
  • Health & Science
  • Digitization

Microscope images reveal findings in archaeology

Microscope images taken with JENOPTIK GRYPHAX® cameras form the basis for investigations of archaeological artefacts

Thermal image of truck approaching a traffic tunnel
  • Mobility

Fire prevention with infrared cameras

A fire in a tunnel? Heavily loaded trucks, in particular, pose a fire risk. Preventive fire protection with infrared cameras can be a solution.

Different plastic optics
  • Sustainability
  • Smart Manufacturing

Manufacturing plastic optics with ultra-precision technology

How ultra-precision technology can also be used to produce plastic optics in small series

IR filter group image
  • Tech Talk

The optical coating is crucial

They transmit, reflect, polarize and filter light – but only the coating determines their function.

Rocket start
  • Health & Science

Risk reduction during the CFDA approval of your biomedical device

How Jenoptik can help mitigate the risks of the CFDA approval process

Specs camera
  • Sustainability

Improving air quality with photonics

Among other things, "green photonics" can reduce particulate matter and increase air quality.

Gürtel-Querschnitt unter dem Mikroskop auf dem Computermonitor

Identify genuine leather with microscopy

Using microscopy for quality control of genuine leather – JENOPTIK GRYPHAX® microscope cameras make it possible.

Rover for Mars Mission

Cutting-edge lenses for Mars mission

A journey into space requires unique demands. Our engineers developed special lenses for the Mars mission 2020

Cfda medical device registration

CFDA and FDA certifications for biomedical devices

Do biomedical device manufacturers really have to write brand-new applications for each national market they enter?

Part of a laser drilling machine by Contexo

Precise laser drilling in plastics

Contexo and Jenoptik developed a laser drilling machine for an innovative plastic product within just six months.

Laser hair removal on legs

Laser hair removal

More efficiency for professional devices thanks to reliably powerful, small and lightweight diode lasers from Jenoptik.

Generic 10: 9 Dummy Image

Thermal imaging for fever screening

Hidden infections can be detected more easily with mobile measuring stations for fever screening using a thermal imaging camera.

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Safety of bridges in road traffic

How robust are the bridges in our road network? Speed limits are often introduced as a preventive measure to protect the infrastructure.

Female scientist analyzing sample in laboratory

How to achieve CFDA/NMPA approval for biomedical devices

Gaining CFDA/NMPA certificate for next-generation biomedical devices is not as difficult as it seams.


Miniaturized digital microscopes for diagnostics and live cell imaging

Jenoptik´s miniaturized digital microscope solution controlled by software and backed by a team with decades of expertise makes the unknown visible.

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Laser light in use against the sea lice

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Superior immersive experience

Projection lenses for cinemas or simulator rides in amusement parks offer a special experience for young and old.

Polarstern Arktis

Revealing secrets in marine research

Microscope cameras are of major importance in geoscience for marine and polar research to decode the earth’s climate history.

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Smart manufacturing in Industry 4.0

Jenoptik uses the potential of light for the development of technologies in Industry 4.0.

Traffitower in front of building

How to improve toll enforcement

Jenoptik enters the digital future of truck toll enforcement and sets new standards with its solution.

microscope holographic

Can CMOS replace CCD?

Although both devices are built on the same fundamental technology, there are differences that have favored one over the other.

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Why is photonics a key technology?

Photonics enables pioneering technologies and offers great growth potential. We use optical technologies to promote photonic applications and trends.


Exploring the myths of microscope cameras

Is CCD better than CMOS?

Traffic on highway

10 facts about tolls in Germany

Facts you ever needed to know about tolls in Germany as a truck driver or transport company.