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Miniaturized digital microscopes for diagnostics and live cell imaging

Jenoptik´s miniaturized digital microscope solution controlled by software and backed by a team with decades of expertise makes the unkown visible.

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Laser light rids fish farms of salmon lice in a gentle and environmentally friendly way

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Superior immersive experience with lenses for amusement parks

Projection lenses for cinemas or simulator rides in amusement parks offer a special experience for young and old.

How a microscope camera reveals secrets in marine biology

Microscope cameras are of major importance in geoscience for marine biology and polar research to decode the earth's climate history.

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Industry 4.0 – The path to smart manufacturing

Jenoptik uses the potential of light for the development of technologies in Industry 4.0.

Speed cameras that don’t flash?

Jenoptik enters the digital future of truck toll enforcement and sets new standards with its solution.

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Can CMOS replace CCD?

Although both devices are built on the same fundamental technology, there are differences that have favored one over the other.

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Photonics is a key technology for future markets

Photonics enables pioneering technologies and offers great growth potential. We use optical technologies to promote photonic applications and trends.


Exploring the myths of microscope cameras

Is CCD better than CMOS?

10 facts about tolls in Germany

Facts you ever needed to know about tolls in Germany as a truck driver or transport company.